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Sales Force Boost Ltd. is a BBB Accredited Marketing Consultant in Las Vegas, NV




Appointment  Setting Services

Our team of telesales professionals has been trained in the latest cold calling and telesales techniques to navigate an organization, uncover a decision maker, and schedule a meeting with him/her for your services.  Our agents make between 150-200 “outbound dials per day” for complex B2B campaigns, almost double what we find other call centers can achieve.  This means that we will ultimately require fewer agents to make the same number of calls. We see to it that our clients are represented professionally, and ethically!  We combine cutting edge telesales techniques with state of the art technology to ensure our level of performance is second to none. Constant monitoring and retraining of our agents keeps campaigns fresh and helps us work together to fully customize the program for your maximum benefit.  Appointment tracking software, real time calendar updates, appointment confirmation emails, and appointment alerts are just a few of the feature we provide you. The real key to our success is that we manage a small client portfolio, and focus on your (ROI) rather than how many appointments you attend. 




Marketing Services For An Appointment Setting Campaign

In order for an Appointment Campaign to be successful, there is some intelligence that needs to be gathered prior to actually making the first call. We first need to know who you are, where your opportunities lie, what your competitors are doing, and all other information needed to create a dynamic tele-presentation for your Company. Here’s an overview of what takes place prior to your Campaign.


Situation Analysis & Discovery

Before developing any given marketing strategy it is important to conduct some form of analysis. This is an essential part of any marketing or sales plan we create or implement for our clients. Each program is specifically tailored to your company’s goals, values and unique abilities. In our brief Pre-Marketing Interview you will provide the information that will guide our questions during your discovery call. With our team we will evaluate your business and, through our marketing program provided to you at the conclusion of marketing a recommendation as to how we will over-achieve your expectations in regards to your Campaign.


Value Proposition Analysis

The Value Proposition Analysis is about identifying your businesses value proposition or core competencies. These are sometimes referred to as your core capabilities; strategic competitive advantages or competitive advantage these terms all represent essentially the same thing.The reason for completing an internal analysis is to allow you to create an exclusive market position. Core competencies or value propositions have three characteristics, they are the things your business does; 1) better than your competitors, 2) that are hard to replicate, and 3) that are valued by your customers. This information helps us to;

• Create a strong differential between you and your competitors

• Increase not only the quantity but the quality of prospective leads

• Gain market share in your targeted segments

• Assist you in enhancing tools that will help you close more business

• Improve your operation efficiency


Prospect List Generation

List Generation is where we create or generate prospective consumer’s who may be interested in your business' products or services. This is a very crucial marketing activity because it’s the process of collecting the names and the contact information of qualified prospects by geographic and demographic criteria. These potential clients will then be washed through the Do-Not-CAll registry and contacted by our Tele-Reps during your campaign.


Customized Sales Presentation Creation

A sales presentation is a solution to a problem. A sales presentation must be simple to read and easy to understand, but at the same time intriguing, engaging, and convincing. The sales presentation should do more than just get your foot in the door, your arrival enthusiastically awaited. When creating your sales presentation, we have to identify your customers’ needs, identify the best products and/or services to best meet the common need (this is called a feature), identify how these features will resolve the customer’s needs (this is called a benefit), organize the presentation so that it reinforces the solution to the problem, create an Introduction, and briefly note the customer’s problem and describe the solution. Before presenting the presentation we test it by allowing knowledgeable sales personnel as well as qualified prospects to comment on it. After this process is completed we revise the presentation if needed.

All marketing services can be purchased ala carte. ( Please call for pricing )

When using our Appointment Setting Services there is a one time marketing bundle fee of $5995.00 to include all services needed to launch any campaign successfully.



For Additional Services


We offer a variety of other services including, Inbound Sales Outsourcing, Inbound Customer Service Outsourcing, B2 consumer, Internet Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Social Media Management. With our diverse, seasoned team we are able to provide simple solutions to your most complex sales and marketing obstacles!