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                                        APPOINTMENT SETTING CAMPAIGNS 


I.     Pay Per Appointment Campaign

This is a popular option for our clients looking to control the pace of the campaign and revenue they will invest. They do this by setting a campaign budget and each qualified appointment they attend is deducted from the budget balance. Once the budget has been depleted they can refill it. This can be done as little or as often as the client sees fit.  "PPA" campaigns normally start with a minimum budget of $1000.00, however increased budgets do provide discounted pricing per appointment!


II.    30 Day Open Billing Campaign

This is our most popular campaign option.  It is for the client who is looking to aggressively attack the commercial markets that they service. The client still has control of the campaigns pace because they will always set a maximum number of appointments that they feel comfortable handeling within a month. The appeal to this campaign is the fact that we invoice every 30 days for the previous months appointments. So you have already attended the appointment, bid the job, and in some cases signed  contracts or closed deals  before our invoice has even arrived!


III.     Affiliate Campaign

This campaign is targeted towards mid-size to large business clients. These clients normally have a sales force and therefore want as many sales appointments as possible. Instead of paying us for the number of appointments produced we are only paid for the ACCOUNTS CLOSED! These campaigns require no less than a six month commitment with a minimum retainer of $10,000.00 and our commissions vary based on the industry type.